Satin Edge Ribbon

Satin Edge Ribbon

If you’ve been browsing our catalog any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly come across our sweet selection of satin edge ribbon products. Available in sheer, organza and faux linen, ribbons edged with satin add a touch of elegance to gift wraps, centerpieces, corsages and wedding bouquets.

Interesting origins of satin edge ribbon

Most people know what satin is. What they may not understand is the rather esoteric origins of the super smooth fabric you find along the edges of some ribbon. The ultra slippery fabric we call satin has been around for centuries. Satin refers to the style of weave, not the material with which it is woven. Originally made with silk fibers, satin is now made with a range of low-twist yarns, including cotton, wool and polyester. The weave itself is notable for its unique warp and weft pattern.

Satin was a popular albeit expensive fabric for clothing and upholstery for the very wealthy at least as far back as the 12th Century. In Arabic, the Chinese city of Quanzhou is pronounced Zayton. It was in this port city that Arabic traders obtained the smooth satin they brought back to the European elite. And that’s how the word satin came to be synonymous with smoothly woven; lustrous fabric explains the Utsavpedia Encyclopedia of Indian Ethnic Fashion.

Historically speaking, it wasn’t all that long ago that satin was affordable only to the rich. People living the good life from ancient Rome onward enjoyed the luxury of satin, but it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that machine-made satin became something an ordinary person could buy. Today, satin is used in everything from upscale bedding to home décor and satin edge ribbon for gift wrapping.

What sort of satin edge ribbon are you looking for today?

Check our catalog to review a remarkable range of plain and wired ribbons as well as pull-bow satin edge ribbons that bunch up to create an extravagant display. Organza satin edge ribbon takes a lovely idea and makes it even better. Traditionally made from silk, sheer organza fabric imparts a sense of sophistication and class to all sorts of special occasions. Organza ribbon alone is quite nice. Add edges of satin, and it’s even nicer. TK Ribbons & More offers organza satin edge ribbon in a range of tasteful color combinations, including ivory organza with gold ribbon edges, white organza with gold or silver satin edges and old gold organza with shimmering gold satin trim.

TK Ribbons & More offers a wide world of first-class ribbon, but we sell only to wholesale customers. Because we are careful to limit our business to professionals, we can keep our prices low to those in the trades.

When you are ready for more info about TK Ribbons & More satin edge ribbon, give us a call at 877-862-2037 anytime. We are in Glendora, California, but we will pack and ship ribbon to just about anywhere.

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Satin Edge Ribbon

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